In-Town Soccer

NASA provides in town soccer from age four through fourth grade. We are lucky to have plenty of kids and parent volunteers to provide a wonderful soccer playing and learning experience for hundreds of kids each season. The focus of the program is to develop skills and passion in a collaborative environment. All kids should feel included and inspired to have fun and find joy in soccer. 


NASA Spring 2021 In-Town Soccer Program


Registration is now open for our in-town programs.  The deadline to register is March 20th.



This registration is for ages 4 through Kindergarten. This includes coach-led activities and scrimmages on Saturdays. A formal uniform is not needed and registration includes a t-shirt. 

Cost:  $130

Click here for registration: GK REGISTRATION



This program is for children currently in grades 1, 2, 3, and 4. It includes 2 practices and 1 game per week. A red and white reversible jersey is required. These are available from Athletic Enterprises online or from their store in Georgetown. 

Cost:  $155

Click here for registration:  G2/G4 REGISTRATION


NASA’s goal is to assign all registered players to a team and targets 10 players per GK team, 11 players per G2 team, and 13 players per G4 team.  The final number of players per team will depend on the number of players that register and the number of coaches that volunteer.  Traditionally, coaches are needed at all levels.  When you register, please sign up to be a coach or an assistant coach.  No experience is needed.

Upon successful registration, you will receive a confirmation email confirming that you have successfully registered.  The confirmation that your credit card payment will be accepted is NOT the completion of registration.  There is a page after this that can at times be hidden by the payment confirmation.  If you do NOT receive an email confirmation, your registration did not go through.

*  Note: The board reviews and establishes the fees periodically with an objective to meet budgeting operating costs.