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The North Andover Soccer Association Inc. (N.A.S.A.) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a safe, healthy forum for kids to get together and have fun playing recreational soccer. N.A.S.A. is a volunteer run, non-profit organization serving the children of North Andover. We offer youth soccer programs for kids from 4 years old through their teenage years and we promote youth soccer in North Andover and Essex County.

Our goals are to ensure that children have fun first and foremost. We also help them develop healthy bodies, positive attitudes, knowledge of team play, and socialization skills. Winning and losing are not the measures of our success; our interest is in developing the child’s long-range love of the sport.

N.A.S.A. coaches serve as role models and mentors, helping to guide and educate the players about team sports and soccer. Coaches also help the children to gain self-confidence, increase their talents, and expand their athletic boundaries while correcting the player’s errors in a positive way. Coaches should ensure that kids enjoy the experience of playing recreational soccer.

The efforts and energies of our volunteers are directed to the following objectives:

  • Making sure the kids have fun playing the game, teaching them courtesy, respect for authority, and to play the game with dignity and good sportsmanship.

  • Building a quality development program that will train people to be highly competent coaches who understand the responsibilities entrusted to them, to serve as role models for the very highest levels of good sportsmanship.

  • Developing players so they can play at various levels (recreational, travel and premier) by building and improving their skills, confidence, fitness, initiative and sense of teamwork.

  • Promoting and encouraging the very highest standards of sportsmanship and fair play.

  • Continuously investing in and improving safe playing and practice facilities in North Andover.

Constitution and Bylaws

Operating Policy

Board of Directors

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