NASA In-Town Fall 2019 Registration

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Dear NASA In-Town Parents,

The 2019 Fall soccer registration is now open for all In-Town levels GK (4 years to Kindergarten - must be 4 years old by the first game), G2 (1st and 2nd Grades), and G4 (3rd and 4th Grades). The registration fee for this year is $130 for GK players and $155 for G2/G4 players*. Register by June 30th to receive a $25 early registration discount. Registration closes on August 15th. After August 15th, there will be a $25 late fee and your child is not guaranteed a spot on a team. If rosters reach their maximum levels, your child will be wait-listed. If wait-listed, you will be notified accordingly and your credit card will NOT be charged until a team assignment is made.

NASA’s goal is to assign all registered players to a team and targets 10 players per GK team, 11 players per G2 team and 13 players per G4 team. The final number of players per team will depend on the number of players that register and the number of coaches that volunteer. Traditionally, coaches are needed at all levels. When you register, please sign up to be a coach or an assistant coach. No experience is needed.

There will be some changes to the GK program this year. The fields at Osgood Landing will no longer be available due to construction that Amazon plans to start this fall. Therefore, the GK games will be played at a new venue or venues and may be played on Sunday or a combination of Saturday and Sunday.

There are separate links to register for GK or G2/G4. To register, please use the following links:

To register for GK, click on “GK REGISTRATION LINK

To register for G2 or G4, click on “G2/G4 REGISTRATION LINK

NASA players who are affiliated with other clubs that use Gotsoccer must register with a unique NASA account. If the club account is used to register with NASA, we will need to reject the registration and process a refund, requiring the need to re-register.

Upon successful registration you will receive a confirmation email confirming that you have successfully registered. The confirmation that your credit card payment will be accepted is NOT completion of registration. There is a page after this that can at times be hidden by the payment confirmation. If you do NOT receive an email confirmation, your registration did not go through.

Here are some key dates:

  • June 16th – Early Registration Open ($25 discount applied)

  • June 30th – Early Registration Ends

  • July 1st – Registration Open

  • August 15th – Registration Closes

  • August 16th – Late Registration Begins ($25 Late Fee Applied – not guaranteed a spot)

  • September 1st – Last day for refund requests ($50 handling fee will be applied to all refunds)

  • September 1st – Team Rosters will be Sent Out (tentative)

  • September 3rd – Final Day to Register Late

  • September 7th – Tentative First Game (planned)

  • September 14th – Last day to request family discounts

GK players will receive a T-shirt from their coach as part of registration.  For G2 & G4 players, a reversible red and white jersey is required (same as previous seasons). These are available from Athletic Enterprises online or from their store in Georgetown (please click on this link “UNIFORMS”).  Please email uniforms@nasoccer.com for questions concerning uniforms.

If you have questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Registrar@nasoccer.com.

Brett Belongia

NASA Registrar

* Note: The board reviews and establishes the fees periodically with an objective to meet budgeted operating costs.

For GK: https://www.gotsport.com/asp/application/reg/?ProgramID=82616&Type=PLAYER

For G2/G4:https://www.gotsport.com/asp/application/reg/?ProgramID=82615&Type=PLAYER