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Dear NASA Community,

I wanted to invite you as part of the North Andover Soccer Association (NASA) community to participate in the NASA annual meeting. It will be held at 7:00 pm on Tuesday November 10th (11/10/2020) via ANNUAL MEETING ZOOM LINK.

At the meeting, we will review the last year and vote on new board members.

As happens each year, there are several board positions available for which we need volunteers. The positions this year include:

- Secretary

- Equipment

- GK Director

There are also two positions where we would like someone to shadow the current directors and be ready to take over next year. These include:

- Referees

- Travel Director

Descriptions of the positions are included at the bottom of this message. If you are interested in joining the board, it would be great to have you.

Thanks and please send me any questions you may have.

Jay Artz


North Andover Soccer Association

Secretary - an officer of the board

The Secretary is responsible for note taking and record keeping of all board actions and desicions. This includes attending the monthly board meetings, keeping notes, and sending out minutes for review by the board. The Secretary records motions and votes into the records. If the President or Vice President is not present at a meeting, the Secretary performs the functions of the President.

Equipment Director

The equipment is responsible for purchasing, maintaining, and organizing the equipment used by the various programs.

GK Director

The GK Director is responsible for organizing the age 4 through Kindergarten program. This includes community outreach to identify coaches and players, basic team building, and communication. It is a great way to introduce new members to the NASA community and build soccer passion.

Travel Director

The Travel Director is responsible for overseeing the travel program for either the boys or girls program. They work with the travel committee and the directors of coaching to select coaches, evaluate players, and build teams. They work with the Essex County Youth Soccer association to enroll our teams and keep the board up to date with league happenings.

Referees Director

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