2019 Spring Wrap Up

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Good afternoon, While I know some of our teams still have games ahead of them this weekend in Lancaster for MTOC, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that participated in the Spring NASA season on behalf of the entire organization.  Thank you to the players, coaches, parents, referees, and administrators that make this all possible.  It doesn't happen without all of you.

After a tough start to the season weather wise, we were able to settle in and realize the goal we set out to accomplish.  The kids had fun and from what I witnessed, developed as the season went along.  The program continues to remain strong, whether it was the little kids on the Cheetahs or Chickadees, all the way up through the big kids on the Red Storm, Strikers, Banshees or FC United, we saw kids enjoying the greatest sport in the world.  (Disclaimer, this is just my opinion).

I would like to congratulate all those that participated in town and travel, while mentioning that we had 11 travel teams play in ECYSA playoffs last weekend, and 5 set to play MTOC this weekend.  This is simply amazing, and I would like to congratulate those that participated and good luck to those getting prepared to play.  The following is a list of our participants.

ECYSA Participants: G6 Girls - Machine, Hammers, and FC Pride G6 Boys - Iron Spurs G8 Girls - Red Sparks and Dynamite G8 Boys - Scarlett Gunners G10 Girls - Strikers and Banshees G10 Boys - Knight Hawks and Red Storm G12 Boys - FC United and Red Bulls

MTOC Participants: G10 Girls - Strikers and Banshees G10 Boys - Knight Hawks and Red Storm G12 Boys - FC United

Once again, good luck to our North Andover teams in MTOC this weekend.

For those of us playing or not playing this weekend, remember the season isn't measured in wins and losses, but in the memories our children will gain from the experience with new and old friends alike.

Have a great summer and we hope to see you all back on the fields in the fall.

Best, Derek Delaney President North Andover Soccer Association

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