This is a list of rules used for North Andover Soccer Association Intown matches that are different from or in addition to the FIFA Laws of the Game.  These shall be applied whenever officiating a NASA match.


Law 1- The Field of Play- Fields will be marked and measured to NASA specifications. Referees will check the field for SAFETY issues and correct placement of goals before each match. TEAMS must stay on their own half of the sideline, and spectators must be on the sideline opposite the teams. No one, teams or spectators, shall be allowed along the goal line or behind the goals.

Law 2- The Ball- G2 will use a size 3 ball; G4 will use a size 4 ball

Law 3- Number of Players- The standard format will be 6v6 including the goalkeeper. Coaches MAY agree to play 7v7 before the match if both teams have an excess number of players and both coaches inform the referee. Substitutions will be at the end of the period (quarter) for G2 . G4 may substitute on any goal kick, throw-in or kickoff and at a stoppage for the break halfway through each half for G4. Substitutions are made with the referee’s permission and must enter at midfield. The referee should allow substitutions for injuries and other situations when a player wants/needs to leave the field.

Law 4- Player Equipment- All players must wear shinguards and may not wear jewelry. No exceptions other than for or a religious pendant or a medical alert item which must be taped to the body. NO HARD HAIR CLIPS, CASTS, WATCHES, BRACELETS OR EARRINGS.  Footwear must be safe, NO TOE CLEATS, tied securely and have no sharp or rough edges.  Players will be allowed to play if they have the correct color uniform shirt even if not an official uniform jersey. All shorts should be black and socks should be red or black but should never be a reason for a child not to play. Goalkeepers must wear a pinnie or different color jersey. In cold weather, players may wear jackets or sweatshirts UNDER the jersey, and sweatpants OVER the shorts. Soft caps may be worn.

Law 5- The Referee- see the “NASA Advice to Referees” document

Law 6- Assistant Referee- will not be used for G2 or G4 matches.

Law 7- Duration of the Match- G2 will normally play 2 games of 4- 6 minute periods with a 1-minute break between periods and a 3-minute break at halftime.  Depending on roster sizes, they may play 2- 24 minute halves with 6 minute periods. NASA will inform you if this format is used. G4 will play 2- 25 minute halves. Teams will be allowed a 3-minute break at a stoppage in play around the 12-13th minute of play.

Law 8- Start and Restart of Play- There is no coin flip. Teams will defend on the side they warmed up on for the first half and switch ends for the second half. Red will kick off first half, White the second half. Retakes on “double touches” are allowed. There are NO DROP BALLS under any circumstance. The team in its defending end gets the ball as a throw in anytime a drop ball would have been used. See Law 15, 16 and 17 for more special restart rules. For G2, ALL restarts will be at the signal of the referee whether by whistle, hand signal or voice.

Laws 9 and 10- In and Out of Bounds, and Method of Scoring- Per FIFA Law.

Law 11- Offside- There is no offside for G2. For G4, it is to be called only when past the attacking 14 yard line.

Law 12- Fouls & Misconduct- In addition to offenses listed in the LOTG, beginning with the Spring 2016 season, deliberately heading, or attempting to head the ball shall be considered “dangerous play”, and the referee is required to stop play and award an indirect free kick to the opposing team at the spot of the infraction.

Referees will not use yellow or red cards for misconduct or serious foul play. Players should be verbally warned of inappropriate behavior and the coach should be advised to remove a player to “cool off” if their play and behavior compromises the safety of other players or themselves. After 3 warnings a player may be removed from the remainder of the match, but this should be used only as a last resort.

Law 13- Free Kicks- G2- all kicks are INDIRECT.  G4 free kicks are per FIFA Law except for infractions inside the attacking 14 yard area (penalty area).  See Law 14.

Law 14- The Penalty Kick- There no PK’s awarded in NASA matches.  For G2, all infractions by defenders inside the 14 yard line result in an INDIRECT KICK from the 14-yard line. For G4 matches, the kick is taken from the 14 yard line, the nature of the infraction determines whether it is a direct or indirect kick.

Law 15- The Throw-In- Illegal throw-ins must be called by the referee and the reason for it being illegal explained. Players are allowed to retake the throw-in. For G2 allow play to continue even if the retake is illegal. For G4 after an illegal retake call play and explain again. If the next retake is illegal, allow play to continue.

Law 16- Goal Kicks - Can be taken by any team member. There are NO Punts or Dropkicks allowed in G2 or G4.

PUNTS/DROPKICKS – there are no punts or dropkicks allowed

a. After a save or otherwise during the run of play, the goalkeeper must distribute the ball by throwing (from within the 14 yard area) or by placing the ball on the ground and playing it.

b. If the ball is punted or drop-kicked, the referee is instructed to stop play by blowing the whistle, advise the player that punting is illegal, and award an indirect free kick to the opposing team at the attacking 14 yard line.

GOAL KICKS may be taken by any member of the kicking team.

a. The defending team MUST retreat to their own half of the field. This applies to goal kicks & other free kicks inside the 14 yd. line. It does NOT apply to kicks or throws made following a save or otherwise in the run of play.

b. The kicked ball must cross the 14 yard line before being touched by another player. If touched or kicked out of bounds before crossing the line, the referee shall blow the whistle to stop play and the goal kick must be retaken.

c. The defending team may not enter the attacking half until 1) the ball crosses the line AND 2) is touched by another player on the kicking team. If the referee deems the defending team to have encroached on the attacking half of the field, the referee shall blow the whistle to stop play and award the kicking team an indirect free kick at their own (defending) 14 yard line.

d. Any throw or any free kick restart (goal kick or other) from inside the 14 yard line must touch the ground OR another player before crossing the midfield line. If the ball crosses without touching, the referee shall blow the whistle and award an indirect free kick to the opposing team on the midfield line at the point the ball crossed the line

Law 17- The Corner Kick- Follow standard FIFA Law except that a retake shall be allowed for a double touch.

Law 18- Common Sense- This isn’t in the FIFA Laws, but all officials need to use their best judgment to keep NASA matches SAFE- FAIR- FUN. The players are young children who are still learning the game and part of your responsibility is  to help them learn. Use your whistle and hand signals, and use your voice to explain, direct and instruct. Be patient, and have fun!  

As of Spring 2017, players can now pass the ball directly back on kick-offs.

In Town Soccer Rules