Embrace the chaos. It's a GREAT thing!

As we embark on this new season, you are more than just a coach - you are an activity leader!



  1. Foster passion and love for the game.

  2. Improve foot skills so they learn how to make the ball do what they want when they want.

  3. All space for creativity, innovation and leadership skills



  • Using fun activities where everyone touches the ball, getting 1,000 touches per practice. If you do not have ideas for games to accomplish this, we have provided a sample of activities for you. Feel free to mix/match or create your own plan. You can find other activities at http://www.mayouthsoccer.org/coaches/u6/.

  • Using guided discovery. Ask questions and do not give answers. Let them think and discover.

  • Ending each session with a “coaching free” scrimmage. Keep field as small as needed, so there is less chasing the ball and more touching the ball.



  • Read over your practice plan before arriving at your practice.

  • Arrive at practice early, allowing time to set up your field.

  • Begin activities as soon as the first player arrives. Example: roll balls onto the field and have players retrieve the ball and shoot on the net (coach or high school player in net).

  • Due to unforeseen things, like low attendance, player moods, weather, etc., remember to remain flexible with your plan.

  • Minimize your talking and instructions. Focus on getting them playing.

  • Find 2 or 3 activities in the practice plan that you are comfortable with and that work for your team. Use them as often as you like. Feel free to add/experiment with other activities throughout the season.

  • Incorporate parents and siblings into the practice where and when you can.

  • Embrace the chaos. Chaos is not something to be afraid of or something to try to change. It allows them to problem-solve. These should not resemble the adult game.

  • Goal scoring is a joyful experience for all kids. You should see a goal every 20-30 seconds during scrimmages. Do not limit the opportunity to score. Shrink field size, use multiple balls, whatever it takes to maximize goal scoring. No goalkeepers at this level.



  • Maximize touches.

  • Minimize lines. No standing around.

  • Maximize scoring.

  • No positions at this age, including no goalkeepers.

  • Passing is not important at this age, may even be detrimental

  • Give ample water breaks

  • Have FUN!

If you have any questions or if you need any clarification on the above please feel free to contact NASA Directors of Coaching - Scott D’Entremont or Roland Dudney at doc@nasoccer.com - or NASA Development - Dave Parsons at development @nasoccer.com.