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The Sideline Project

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Hello NASA parents!  We are very excited to partner with the Soccer Parenting Resource Center to roll out The Sideline Project for all NASA parents and coaches!  


Here at NASA, we are very lucky to have some of the most supportive, encouraging parents around.   To help our great community of parents learn what we can do to further our support of our children on the field, we would like you to participate in this 15-minute guide for our “level-headed” youth soccer parents. (that’s you!)  

The Sideline Project is designed to give you added perspective and understanding of sideline behavior and the impact it has on the players on the field.  It is quick, informative, impactful, & takes just 15 minutes of your time:  

  1. Log in to the Soccer Parent Resource Center (or create a login if this is your first time there)

  2. Click on "Courses", and then under The Sideline Project click "Start Course"

  3. Take the survey

  4. Watch a 15-minute video

  5. Talk to your child about sideline communication

  6. The the Sideline Project Parent Pledge 


Our goal is 100% parent participation!  Just 15 minutes of your time for a healthier, empowering NASA sideline to help keep your child and all NASA players excited and inspired about soccer.


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